about scenic train ride guideHi everyone! My name’s Vitaliy and I made this site. It’s purpose is to help people find amazing scenic train rides across the world, particular in the US, Canada and Europe where they are most prevalant.

For me, I accidently discovered this amazing subject through my travels. My main intent when exploring new places is to see hikes, trails, exotic destinations and things of that nature but as my adventures expanded and my cravings to find more and more amazing sights increased, I eventually started running into areas where one scenic train ride after another kept popping up.

This aroused my curiousity and made start looking at just how many of them there were (in the US particularly) and I quickly learned that there’s dozens if not more of them available and not just in the states, but outside of it.

However what I also learned was that there aren’t many sites like this which tell you where to find specific ones and what to expect from them. And thus this website was born!

On it you will find countless information and guides on the best scenic train rides across the world and while most of the articles I have list out the rides you’ll find in the US, I will also be covering other countries where they are very popular and what to expect from them including planning tips, fares and more.

Thanks for checking out my site on scenic train rides and if you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask me about this stuff below!

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