10 Amazing Scenic Train Rides in Pennsylvania

There’s well over a dozen different scenic train rides in Pennsylvania and in this post, you’ll learn about the top 10 (in my opinion) that are worth checking out with the best sights and reviews.

Here’s a list of my top 10 scenic train rides in Pennsylvania:

  1. Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway
  2. World Famous Horseshoe Curve
  3. Stourbidge Line Train Excursions
  4. Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
  5. Everett Railroad Company
  6. Colebrookdale Railroad
  7. Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad
  8. Strasburg Railroad
  9. Steam Into History
  10. WK&S Railroad

Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway:

This ride takes passengers through the stunning Lehigh Gorge State Park, offering views of forests, mountains, and the Lehigh River. The railway offers various rides in vintage rail cars, including Open Air Cars, Standard Coaches, Caboose Rides, and a special Gondola Car​​. The park itself is also pretty awesome and there are opportunities to fish and kayak there. The Lehigh Gorge scenic railway is one of the top options in Pennsylvania in my opinion.

World Famous Horseshoe Curve:

This in my opinion is one of the most panoramic scenic train rides in Pennsylvania that doesn’t get enough attention. Here you won’t actually be on a train ride but instead will do an exploration that includes a visit to the Horseshoe Curve Visitors’ Center. If you want to do a ride around the curve, you will have to purchase Amtrak tickets as daily trains pass through there. The World Famous Horshoe Curve is also a very photogenic area, especially if you explore it on foot which I strongly recommend.

The Stourbridge Line Train Excursions:

Operating out of Honesdale, these excursions provide a journey through the beautiful Pocono Mountains along the Lackawaxen River, with several ride options including the Pocono Express and the Hawley Shopper​​​​. Just as well the Lehigh scenic railway above also covers a chunk of the Pocono Mountains as well, but you get a different perspective and amazing experience with this through the Stourbridge Line Train Excursions too.

Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad:

This is an 11 mile trip that takes passengers through scenic central Pennsylvania, including Union Canal and Swatara Creek, with narrated history and even live music on the return trip​​. Its also a great trip to take during winter. The Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad takes about 1+ hours to complete.

Everett Railroad Company:

This is a 90 minute scenic train ride through the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Blair County, complete with historical presentations at Kladder Depot​​. If you also have time to check out some hikes in Allegheny National Forest, I highly recommend it especially the Minister Creek Trail.

Colebrookdale Railroad:

This scenic train ride also goes by the name of Secret Valley Line and is 2 hour trip from Boyertown to Pottstown crosses bridges and creeks, offering themed rides including dinner and also jazz performances​​. The Colebrookdale Railroad is both an awesome scenic experience blended with historical tours added to the ride.

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad:

This journey takes you through Pennsylvania Oil Country and the beautiful Oil Creek State Park. On this train ride you will cross beautiful bridges, mountains, a town and an old factory in the area. Overall Oil Creek Titusville Railroad is a great family friendly ride to check out!

Strasburg Railroad:

Strasburg Railroad is also another hugely popular train ride in Pennsylvania. Its a journey through Lancaster County’s Amish Country, offering a variety of rides in restored wooden cars, from simple coach to full-service dining experiences​​.

Steam Into History Inc:

On this ride, you’ll go through York County on a steam train, exploring small towns and Civil War history, with re-enactments and special events along the way​​. If you enjoy history themed rides, this should be one of the top choices on your list.

WK&S Railroad:

This train ride offers 2 unique themed journeys like Ragtime on the Rails, combining scenic views with musical entertainment​​. It is located in Kempton Pennsylvania and is great for families and people also interested in more history based train rides.

Each of these scenic train rides offers a unique perspective on Pennsylvania’s natural beauty and in several of the train rides above, you will also be able to get a great historical benefit out of it. Overall all of these rides are great for families.


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